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I can provide consulting services to local, regional, national and international entities who might need assistance in areas of my expertise.

I graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University in 1988. Early in my career I worked as a laboratory animal veterinarian in the Animal Care Unit at the University of Kansas and with the Kansas Racing Commission when horse and dog racing was introduced to the state. I then went into private practice with a heavy interest in Veterinary Sports Medicine. I received a MSE from the KU Department Human of Performance 1998.

In 1997 I began my work at Auburn University and in 2000 I became Director of the Veterinary Sports Medicine Program. Over the next 12 years it grew to become the Animal Health & Performance Program. We developed rehabilitation protocols to be used by veterinarians to improve injury recovery in their patients. I also initiated and oversaw a canine performance laboratory. The research led to the development of exercise programs, feeding protocols and nutritional products that improved the dogs’ abilities. This work improved how we addressed, treated and managed medical issues and injuries in canine athletes. Subsequently, I became a very active national and international lecturer on the topic of Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.

I expanded my research efforts to the field of canine detection and the related strategies. I worked closely with the various government agencies including state agencies, federal agencies, congressional representatives and the military. During my time in Academia, I received over $10 million dollars through my development efforts and funded research.


Consulting Service - Dr. Robert L. Gillette
Consulting Service - Dr. Robert L. Gillette
$50.00 (€37.50)