Consulting Services Consulting Service - Dr. Robert L. Gillette

Consulting Service - Dr. Robert L. Gillette

Consulting Service - Dr. Robert L. Gillette
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I can provide consulting services to private, local, regional, national and international entities who might need assistance in areas of my expertise. I have worked closely with various government agencies including state agencies, federal agencies, congressional representatives and the military. I have also helped many private companies who work or have an interest in this area.
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Issue 1(3): ~ Carpal biomechanics, Carpal preparation, and Injury prevention of the carpus; ~ Managing Hyperthermia in the Field
Issue 1(6): ~ Selecting a nutrition program for the performance dog. ~ Application of nutritional fundamentals
Issue 2(2): ~ Muscles of Performance in the Dog. ~ Athleticism and the Dog's Immune System"
Issue 4(5): ~ Overtraining Syndrome. ~ Overreaching and Overtraining in Athletes
Issue 5(4): ~ Managing Skin Lesions of the Distal Limb
Issue 5(5): ~ Managing Exercise-Induced Medical Cases. ~ Basic Concepts of Canine Rehabilitation
Issue 5(6): ~ Feeding for Optimal Performance
Managing the Greyhound Racing Surface: Part Two, Evaluating the Greyhound Racetrack Surface for Proper Management
Animal-TRAQs motion analysis software - License