The Athletic and Working Dog Newsletter Issue 1(0): Newsletter Compilation

Issue 1(0): Newsletter Compilation

Issue 1(0): Newsletter Compilation
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I have combined all of the Athletic and Working Dog Newsletters into one file or document. Many have inquired about getting all of them. I have done this and am selling this at more than a 20% discount. A $190 value for $149.00.

This is a big file (3.88 mb), so it may take while to download.
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Issue 1(3): ~ Carpal biomechanics, Carpal preparation, and Injury prevention of the carpus; ~ Managing Hyperthermia in the Field
Issue 1(2): ~ Prevent of abnormal hyperthermia and heat stroke; ~ Managing nails; ~ Notes on Rehabilitation Psychology
Issue 2(5): ~ How structural soundness and metabolic status affect a dogs enthusiasm to perform.
Issue 3(6): ~ The Effect of Joint Movement Alterations on Dog Locomotion
Issue 4(6): ~ Hypothyroidism in the Athletic or Working Dog
Issue 5(2): ~ Shoulder Problems of the Canine Athlete and Working Dog
Issue 7(2): ~ Rear Leg Lameness: Two Similar Case Reports
Managing the Greyhound Racing Surface: Part One, Understanding the Greyhound Racing Gallop
Athletic and Working Dog: Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics (Hardcover)