Instructional CD Downloadable - Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog by Dr. Robert Gillette

Downloadable - Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog by Dr. Robert Gillette

Downloadable - Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog by Dr. Robert Gillette
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This is an instructional Presentation to help inform the user on how dogs move and how to analyze their movement. This is an AVI file that should paly in most media players. There is no Audio.


I have given many lameness workshops to veterinarians since 1995 and I realized that there is not a good basic information source on this subject. The information provided in this CD can be used by veterinarians who are starting their careers or those who want a review.

The techniques used in the CD have been developed by me through trial and experimentation and in general are not available from other sources. Because of this different perspective, this information can be used by experienced veterinarians who want to advance their diagnostic skills. I have found that these methods have allowed me to diagnose canine musculoskeletal problems better than most other techniques.

Dog Owners, Trainers, Handlers

Analyzing Motion & Soundness of the Dog has been written for any dog enthusiast to understand. I feel that the more educated the handler is about their dog the better they become at managing their athletic or working career. The CD starts with basic anatomy, discusses canine locomotion, describes gait analysis techniques, and then shows the individual how to examine their dog for any musculoskeletal problems.
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Issue 2(1): ~ An overview of the similarities and differences between the canine and equine locomotion. ~ Metabolic changes in Field Trial Labrador Retrievers related to pre-event excitation.
Issue 3(2): ~ Exertional Rhabdomyolysis in the Athletic or Working Dog: Part I
Issue 3(6): ~ The Effect of Joint Movement Alterations on Dog Locomotion
Issue 5(1): ~ Soundness of the Athletic Dog
Issue 5(2): ~ Shoulder Problems of the Canine Athlete and Working Dog
Issue 5(5): ~ Managing Exercise-Induced Medical Cases. ~ Basic Concepts of Canine Rehabilitation
Issue 6(6): ~ Neuronal Factors of Canine Movement and Performance
Issue 7(1): ~ The Canine Workout Companion
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